Who is Dr. Oz?

Dr. Oz also known as Mehmet Cengiz is currently one of the topmost talk show personalities and influential celebrities in America and all over the world. He is a trained former practicing cardiovascular surgeon who has within a short span of years turned into the most talked about personalities in the health, diet and fitness industry.

He made appearances in Oprah Winfrey’s Network under Ask Oprah’s All Stars Show for several seasons before hosting his own The Dr. Oz Show where he discusses and tutors millions all over the world on health topics ranging from weight loss, diabetes, and skin imperfections. He has features in radio shows besides his heavy online presence, the reason he proclaimed himself the America’s Doctor!

Dr. Oz Role in Weight loss industry

dr-ozDr. Oz popularity and celebrity status can be partly attributed to co-hosting the talk show with Oprah but majorly for discussing topics related to health and lifestyle, recommending weight loss pills and diet plans. This has made him a household name in a fast world where sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain, obesity and faster aging. This explains why besides the millions that stream and tune in to watch his shows, his books such as You: Staying Young and You: On Diet are some of the bestsellers in the world.

His role in the weight loss industry cannot be overlooked. By recommending diet pills and plans for weight loss and skin; famously known as Dr. Oz Pills, his popularity has also brought a lot of controversy in the health and fitness sector. This has prompted a lot of research studies to ascertain the authenticity of the facts he talks about.

As a result more online platforms such as blogs and social media debates and reviews the weight loss products he recommended. This has tremendously increased online traffic due search for more knowledge about weight loss, diet and supplements. Generally, he is the sole reason the market for natural herbal supplements as a whole has expanded rapidly. Millions of people are becoming more aware of their body weight statuses and are indulging in healthy diet and fitness.

Tips for losing belly fat

Having a trimmer belly is every woman’s dream especially post-birth and post-menopause women. More than 35 inches of tummy is a problem! The presence of these belly fat dictates one’s dress types, reduces self-confidence and is dangerous as it predisposes one to heart diseases and cancer. 

Dr. Oz’s recommended tips encompasses healthy eating, exercises and supplements geared towards fast burning fats, suppressing appetite, toning skin among other aspects.

Here is Dr. Oz Five-tips for shedding belly fat:

  1. Eat healthy fats – these include MUFA (Mono Saturated Fatty Acids) and poly-unsaturated fats that have a role in keeping heart and inflammatory conditions at bay. Research studies have proven that about 25 percent of total daily calories consumed from these add no belly fats. Main sources of these MUFA include olive oil, fruits such as avocado and nuts. The latter has a major influence on appetite suppression.
  2. Dairy products – this has the most essential amounts of calcium element lack of which the hormonal system of the body is signaled in a cascade that results in accumulation of belly fat. Adults require about 1000mg daily where a glass of low fat yogurt is sufficient.
  3. Low GI Foods – GI (Glycemic Index) is the effect of a gram of carbohydrates consumed on the elevation of blood glucose (sugar). Foods with high GI rapidly increase blood sugar levels which consequently elevate levels of hormone called cortisol which leads to increase in belly fat. Recommended low GI foods are beans, peas and green grams.
  4. Cardio exercise – these involve periodic training such as jogging, running or walking for 30 minutes where you alternate between low and highly intense to bring crunch to the belly. Carrying out strength exercises and routine intense exercise boosts fast burning of belly fat.
  5. Consume Green tea – this is tea leave sample and unlike usual black tea, this is reach in powerful antioxidants scientifically proven to burn fatty acids. One and half a glass of this tea contains over 600g of these antioxidants. But 3 to 4 cups brewed daily for a month is enough to achieve the desired effect.

Supplements for losing belly fat

Some of the dietary pills and supplements Dr. Oz recommended for burning belly fats include:

supplementsa. Garcinia cambogia Extra – is a capsule of 1000mg of pure Garcinia with over 60% of HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) compound clinically proven to burn fats faster over short period of time, suppresses appetite, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

Daily dosage is 2 pills (2000mg)

Cost between US $29.99 – 45.99

b. Ketone Balance Duo pills – is a powerful clinically proven combination of raspberry, green coffee bean and green tea extract that suppresses appetite, burns fats faster and boosts essential fats levels while eliminating cholesterol.

Daily dosage is 3 pills (1500mg)

Cost between US $23.99 – 27.49

c. Green coffee bean – is a pure extract and over 60% HCA combined with raspberry that works to suppress appetite, burn fats faster, regulates fatty acid levels in the body and reduces cholesterol.

Daily dosage is 3 pills (2400mg)

Cost between US $24.99 – 27.99

d. Moringa Oleifera pills – this is pure extract from the moringa tree also called the miracle tree whose extract is a fast belly fat burner, reduces cholesterol, regulates appetite and boosts metabolism.

Daily dosage is 2000mg (2 pills)

Cost between US $23.49 – 25.90

This are just some of the Dr Oz belly fat burners that we wanted to present to you!